Овие мостови не се за луѓе со слаб желудник!

4 ноември, 2020

Дали имате страв од височина? А што е со нестабилната подлога, која може да пукне во секој момент, додека под вас тече надојдена река?

Ова се најстрашните мостови на целиот свет, а нивното преминување не се препорачува доколку имате проблем со гадење или вртоглавица.

Висечки мост Хусаини, Пакистан

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CONSIDERED THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS SUSPENSION BRIDGE IN THE WORLD!! #hussainihangingbridge . This bridge was about 500+ planks long. Totally unsafe too!! 😧 The planks were really far apart (SEE PICTURE 2 OR CHECK MY HIGHLIGHTS 🇵🇰) I remember the guy working there telling us ‘jis ka kamzor dil hai woh naa hi jaye’ And upon asking whether the bridge could break halfway he said ‘ho sakta hai, bilkul ho sakta hai, magar tension na lein’ (As if!!! 😫) Around seven people were allowed on the bridge, at a time, because (you guessed it) the bridge would have less chances to collapse then 💆🏻‍♂️ . There’s no proper support that you can hold onto while you’re crossing; the wires are sometimes too low and sometimes too high. Some planks are broken, unscrewed, etcetera. When you are crossing the water beneath you, it feels as if the bridge is moving with the flow of the water, it’s very mind twisting 🤯 You get really dizzy because you have to walk the same steps about 500 times, because it becomes monotonous. . 🦁 Fun Fact: I crossed the bridge with my formal shoes (CHECK HIGHLIGHTS FOR PROOF 👞) I thought we would only be traveling to sites and clicking pictures only. Tou extra points of courage to me 🤪🤪 . . SWIPE TILL THE LAST PICTURE FOR WORDS OF WISDOM 👁💡 (Sorry, thora zoom-in karlein) . . . . . TAG someone you’d cross this with!!!

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Витим, Русија

Куандински мост, Русија

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Kuandinsky Bridge over the Vitim River, located on the border of Zabaikalsky regionand the Republic of Buryatia, is definitely one of the most #dangerous road bridges in the world. The #bridge is about half a kilometer long, and the width is almost equal to the width of a car. There are no any railings and fences. In addition, a strong wind is constantly blowing over the river. That’s why people open windows in their cars to reduce windage. It will take a good 3 minutes to drive across it if you're a skilled driver. Follow 👉 @civil_engineersden for more #construction post all around the world #civil_engineersden . . _________ Follow 👉 @civil_engineersden Follow 👉 @civil_engineersden Follow 👉 @civil_engineersden _________ . . . ________ #civil_engineers #civilmemez #civilengineerblogoficial #civilengineeringblog #civilengineeringstudent #f4f #fforf #follow4follow #follow4followback #followforfollowbacks #followforfollowback #bridges #kandinsky #riverbridge #kuandinskybridge #vitim #vitimriverbridge #vitimização #constructionblogger #constructioncone #constructionmemes #dailymemes #dangerousbride #constructiondubai #russia #russian

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Висечки стаклен мост, Кина

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